Why choose Kiwi Windows as your primary double glazed window supplier?

At Kiwi Windows, our guarantees afford a sense of trust that the products we make are built to last. However, the way we work goes far beyond guaranteeing the lifetime of our double glazed windows – it extends to all aspects of our service, from window replacement services to delivery scheduling.

  • Warranty

    Kiwi Windows offer a full 15 years worth of guarantee for the joinery used in the frames of its products. Each of the glazing units has a full 10 years worth of warranty. Furthermore, the other hardware elements are guaranteed for a lengthy five years from the date of their installation.

  • Measuring

    We can get to site to carry out measuring services in a single business day and will guarantee to get there within this time period.

  • Quotations

    Not only are our quotations free, but they are also delivered to you within a single business day following a request. These quotations are either given over the phone or via email to meet this deadline.

  • Engineering Design

    All of our products that have been made from components supplied to us by high quality German makers are guaranteed under our certification arrangements. In short, this means that all of the window and doors we make comply to the European standards you would expect.

  • Installation

    At Kiwi Windows, our expert installation team are used to resolving any on site issues and providing an exceptionally fast installation service, so important to make houses weatherproof once more. Each of our installations is guaranteed to be quick, reliable and utterly professional. 

  • Pricing

    Another important factor for many customers is the competitive nature of our pricing, despite the high quality materials and manufacturing processes involved. With Kiwi Windows, cost effective pricing is also guaranteed.