Designed to look great when overlooking a patio, our patio doors are also ideal for creating an open access between your home and the garden in a variety of other settings. Like the rest of our double glazed windows, we use high quality uPVC components to manufacture made to measure patio doors. Why not install a set in your home so that you can make the most of the New Zealand summer, yet keep your home both warm and secure in the winter when a tight seal against the elements needs to be maintained?

As well as a very practical operation which simply allows our patio doors to slide along their respective runners, our products look stylish whether they are in their opened or closed positions. Because they can be set at any degree of opening that you want, the amount of airflow into your home can be controlled to a very fine degree, perfect if your home happens to face a prevailing wind. With top notch handles and locking mechanisms which are leading in their class, clients should also be aware that our uPVC patio are fully secure and can prevent unwarranted access to your home when they are closed and locked.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the frames and glazing panels are thermally efficient which both helps to reduce your heating costs in winter as well as preventing overheating in the summer months when the amount of light flooding in might otherwise create discomfort. 

patio upvc doors