uPVC double glazed windows

uPVC windows are energy efficient and deliver high performance and environmental sustainability.

There are a number of advantages to choosing uPCV windows for your home. One of the major ones is that they require such a little amount of maintenance. Once fitted, you really have to do very little indeed compared to wooden framed windows, for example, which need to be painted every few years to keep them in mint condition. Just a wipe over with a damp cloth is all that is required to keep your window installation looking like it did on day one. This can be done simply and easily when you clean the glazing elements, of course, so virtually no maintenance is needed for the uPVC frames themselves.

Another important factor when looking at uPVC as a material for your home is that it will make it both warmer and drier. Unlike other sorts of materials that have been used in the past, uPVC is thoroughly modern and keeps out wet. Even in a howling gale outside, the frames fit tightly to the glazed panes as well as to the walls of the building to ensure that no draughts are felt. This also helps to minimise the amount of heat loss that is noticed when you are heating your home on the inside. As such, uPVC is perfect for keeping your home insulated. Of course, the neat finish that is afforded by uPVC also means that they look nice and cosy – they don’t just offer this function, but look like they do! If you have put up with draughts in autumn and winter as well as growing energy bills, then switching to uPVC may well be the best decision you could make.

Although these properties make uPVC an obvious choice as a material for double glazed window frames in Auckland, it is important to add that they are incredibly durable, too. Where some older windows suffer from mould or rot after years of service, uPVC window frames are free of such problems. Crucially, this is also the case if you happen to reside on open or exposed land or even by the coast. Furthermore, uPVC offers a great deal of sound isolation. This is ideal for people who live next to busy roads or who want to minimise external noises when they shut their windows.