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September 29, 2016

Cleaning and Maintaining uPVC Windows and Doors

Carefully designed to ensure minimal maintenance is required, Our windows and doors can save you both time and money. They do not absorb moisture, you will not need to sand or varnish them and they do not need to be painted. As a result, far less effort is required for upkeep than with alternative options. Generally speaking, maintenance of uPVC windows and doors involves dusting and occasional cleaning with soapy water, or another mild detergent. Nevertheless, there are certain other care and maintenance tips to be mindful of.
September 29, 2016

What Is Mould and How Can uPVC Windows Help?

Moulds are a type of fungus that play an important role in helping with the bio-degradation of natural materials like food, plants and trees. Although usually fuzzy in appearance, mould can be a number of different colours, including green, blue and black. We are exposed to mould spores every day and in small amounts, they are harmless.