Why uPVC?

UPVC window systems – the best solution for New Zealand homes.


Adversely high or low temperatures outside do not interfere with your comfort inside the home.


Kiwi Windows double glazed uPVC windows and doors are virtually airtight, keeping the dust out.


Double glazed uPVC windows and doors are very effective in reducing outside noise.


It is very difficult to break into a home through a window or door with double glazing and multi-point locks.

Cost saving

Kiwi Windows uPVC windows save on energy costs, lowering the amount spent on heating or cooling your home.


uPVC windows and doors can increase the value of your property up to 20% comparing to houses with traditional glazing.

As window manufacturers with a great deal of expertise, we recommend the use of uPVC as a material best suited to New Zealanders for a number of reasons.

Of course, in NZ we face some great summer weather, but the blustery nature of the islands means that we all have to be prepared for high winds, plenty of rainfall and icy conditions from time to time. Not only is uPVC robust enough to withstand all that the weather can throw at it, the material is designed to last and last. Therefore, once you have installed uPVC windows and doors to your home, the benefits will be felt for many years to come.

What’s more, you have to do very little to it to keep it looking immaculate. Just a light wipe over with a little soapy water when your clean your glazing is all that is needed to keep uPVC in mint condition. It is as simple as that! 

sleeping cat at the upvc double glazed window
heat loss areas in houses

Heat loss areas

Nevertheless, uPVC is not a material that you should only consider for its ruggedness and low maintenance regime. There is plenty more to weigh up in its favour.

For example, uPVC provides a great deal of comfort because it traps air on the inside, rather like the way the twin panes of a double glazed window do. This means that a well-designed uPVC framing system supports, rather than detracts, from the thermal retention properties of the glazing.

We use the German designed framing profile system in our products which is known all over the world for its outstanding qualities in this area.

Another consideration worth making is that opening and closing mechanisms in uPVC frames can be air tight, not just water tight. Not only does this help to trap heat in, but it keeps unwanted dust and microscopic airborne particles out. Furthermore, it means that once you shut your double glazed doors and windows that they are extremely secure. Given that we install state of the art multi-point locks into our frames, you can be completely assured that a high security system has been installed in your home.

New Zealanders often face a higher degree of UV penetration than Europeans and North Americans do, due to our southern hemisphere location. We use special designed profile which is particularly strong at dealing with degradation caused by the sun’s harmful rays and this material has been developed with the southern hemisphere market in mind.

Lastly, uPVC windows and doors can add to your property’s value. Homeowners should note that once uPVC double glazing has been installed anything up to a 20 per cent increase in property valuations can reasonably be expected.

uPVC vs Aluminium vs Wood