Sliding Windows

These sorts of compact windows benefit from a convenient opening mechanism which means that they can be put to use in a wide variety of settings. From upper floor windows which can allow airflow to penetrate bedrooms and bathrooms, to large gliding glazed units in a sun room or conservatory, sliding windows can do it all.

One of the principle benefits of a sliding window frame over once that is hinged is that it allows for an incredibly narrow frame profile. This means that the amount of light that can fall into a room is maximised. Having a large, light opening due to the sleek, narrow profile of a sliding window results in them often being selected for sides of a home which don’t see a great deal of light or which are subject to shading from trees and so on. 

As well as being highly suited to rooms which need the maximum possible amount of light flow, they are ideal for situations where windows might be hard to reach and subsequently more difficult to open and close.

At Kiwi Windows, the sliding mechanisms we produce only require minimal strength to operate, so our sliding doors are perfect with people who have reduced mobility or trouble opening conventional windows with confidence. Of course, all of the sliding window frame profiles are produced using our high quality uPVC materials.