uPVC Doors

A variety of uPVC doors for residential and commercial projects.

At Kiwi Windows, we produce some top quality uPVC doors as well as window frames.

This means that any order you wish to make for replacement windows can include matching door units. Overall, the result is a coordinated look to a home or workplace premises with complementary doors and windows. Of course, uPVC is a great material to choose for a door in its own right, too, not just because is matches windows.

As a material, uPVC offers many advantages when it comes to door manufacturing. Firstly, they are virtually maintenance free. The special  uPVC door profiles we use in our doors allow for an exceptionally long life time, no matter how much the New Zealand weather will throw at your entrance way. Even homes that are on the coast or that lie in exposed positions will be fully sealed off from the elements with the addition of one of our uPVC doors. Once fitted, a tight seal is made that will last and last no matter how many times you open and shut your door. Highly rugged, they require very little work to keep them in good working order from the first day of installation. Where cleaning is required, they simply need a light wipe over with warm, soapy water once in a while. With no scrubbing, painting or other maintenance required, when fitted you can completely forget about looking after them.

Of course, homeowners will be interested in how the look of a uPVC door has an effect on their residence. As well as providing a coordinated look with uPVC window frames, a single uPVC door can make a home look warm and cosy. Therefore, they are attractive to potential buyers who rightly associate them with water tightness. Unlike wooden doors, they are not subject to common problems such as mould and rot and they offer a high level of sound insulation, too, perfect for keeping extraneous noises to a minimum.