Awning Windows

Among the most popular windows NZ customers choose, awning windows are flexible and offer the best of several sort of products within a single unit. Firstly, they have an exterior opening mechanism that allows you to open them from the inside whilst remaining fully secure. When closed, they create a tight seal which keeps the rigours of New Zealand’s weather firmly on the outside, but when opened they allow for plenty of air to circulate on the inside.

Hinged at the top of the window unit, the sash pane beneath swings outward from the bottom and can be positioned so that it is fully opened or almost closed, as you prefer. This means that they are great for airing your home even if it is drizzly outside. Water can run off an angled sash with ease, but they still allow air to move around without any danger of your home becoming wet.

Although awning windows are perfect as single units which open entirely as a single double glazed pane, they are often manufactured with larger stationary windows. This means that the upper section of the window unit is produced as an awning, but the lower section is fixed in position.

Highly secure, because only the upper part of the window can be opened, this system allows for a good view to be maintained at eye level as well as providing a reasonable amount of air flow at the upper level of the window, where most of the hot air in a home sits.

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